Greens Vegan Café, 36 High Street, Stourport, DY13 8BA – 12 noon till 4pm

Enjoy a delicious vegan Sunday dinner and show your appreciation to Jude Green and her team of volunteers for their brilliant Veganuary efforts.

Our Veganuary in Wyre Forest cookery demonstrations last month were a great success, thanks to the excellent work of Jude, who gave the demos, and a wonderful team of volunteers who helped her in various ways.

So why not come along to Greens Vegan Café on 24 Feb, where you can enjoy one of Jude’s delicious and great value vegan Sunday dinners, and then show your appreciation as members of Wyre Forest Vegans Action Group present her with a special trophy in recognition of her Veganuary efforts.

There will also be a presentation of a framed Certificate of Gratitude for the wall of the café, thanking Jude and all the other Veganuary volunteers (Lindsey, Sheena, Jon, Carl and Sal).

(Dinner available from 12 noon and presentation will take place at 3.30pm)